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These Hubs are used with the Black Schick CDR sensor line.  It is 64 bit compatible, so if your Windows version is Windows 64 bit, Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Windows 10 you will need this High-Speed HS Hub.  We have both Hubs available on this site.


This auction is for 3 64 bit USB CDR HS Hub comes with 3 6 foot USB cord, 1 manual and 1 Original driver Disk, allows the Schick CDR Digital Dental Sensors to connect to your computer's USB port.  Necessary to use Black CDR Schick sensor with your windows computer through CDR software (Free from Schick) or Patterson Eaglesoft or other practice management software.


Includes Needed White 6 foot USB A to USB B CORDs.  

  • Item #: 3 HS Hubs
  • Manufacturer: Schick

3 Schick HS (High Speed-64 bit) USB HUB (White/Blue) with 3Cable

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