Gendex DPI Sensor
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This fits Orthoralix 9000 Panorex or any other flat film type Panorex.  This kit includes imager plate, cable, Power supply circuit board and prints of manual.  This originally sold for $11,000 - $13,000 a few years ago.  All ready to go if you already have this system and just need to replace the plate or power supply, however if you are a new user you will need a computer, software and the appropriate PCI computer card to connect cable to.  This product will require some setup and we are not able to assist you with this product.  We can assist you with any of our Schick products.


I also will be listing a few more parts for Orthoralix 9000, if interested let me know what you need!!!

  • Item #: PAN GEN
  • Manufacturer: Gendex

Gendex DPI Panorex Dental Digital Sensor

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