Schick CDR Sensor Size 1
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This item is a New Size 1 Black Schick Sensor, includes calibration file, drivers and one wall holder.

Manufactured on 3/2012.

This is brand new.  This is Schick's longest running Intra-Oral product Line, The CDR Black Line. These are the most cost effective dental digital sensors available.  They are available in standard dental film sizes, 0, 1 and 2.  

You will need a USB Remote Hub to connect this to your computer.  The HUBS are available in 2 styles the Black CDR2000 and The White/Blue HS.  The Black CDR2000 Hub is not 64 bit compatable, so if your windows version is Windows 64 bit, Windows 7 or Windows 8 you will need the High Speed HS Hub.  We have both Hubs available on this site.

Buy this product now and get a free USB Intra-Oral Camera.  A great way to show your patients a picture of their teeth.

  • Item #: CDR 1 N 2012
  • Manufacturer: Schick

Schick CDR Sensor Size 1

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