Schick ELITE Sensor Size 1
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This item is a Size 1 ELITE Blue/White Schick Sensor, includes extra replaceable cable and one wall holder.

They are available in all 3 standard dental film sizes, 0, 1 and 2.  

Introducing the Schick CDR Elite, which combines truly outstanding image quality, an easy-to-use design and a robust, hard-wearing construction, to provide an intraoral radiography experience that is truly Elite. CDR Elite is the result of years of development, with input from the worlds largest digital intraoral radiography customer base and one of the most extensive field testing programs.

You will need a USB ELITE Remote Hub to connect this to your computer.  

Buy this product now and get a free USB Intra-Oral Camera.  A great way to show your patients a picture of their teeth.


  • Item #: ELITE1
  • Manufacturer: Schick

Schick ELITE Sensor Size 1

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